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The Godfather of EyeCandy welcomes you to the largest free website ever created, sharing shortcuts to success in every human endeavor. Determining how to win and how to succeed, are more easily accomplished and faster, when we use the shortcuts of champions, billionaires, masters and millionaires.     Winners are the best source of information because they are the horse's mouth. We know and accept that those who are not "getting it" from the horse's mouth are, most likely, spending too much time at the wrong end of the horse.     This is the Great Success Lifebook.

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No disrespect intended, there's no way a hundred well-read professors have read more than a fraction that MisterShortcut read.
A book or three per day for a thousand days is rare enough; doing it for fifteen thousand days has never been done before.
By the delicious stroke of fate that made reading a pleasure, passion and hunger for knowledge were married therein.
Surely someone who's read more than everyone you know... all added up together, and written more, too,
can be reasonably expected to have some better grasp on the nature of knowledge itself, hm?
What the Great Success Lifebook wants you to know is that you're being lied to.
You're being asked to believe that it takes years to develop excellence.
Nothing could be further from the truth, not in these modern times.
Technology gives you access to thousands of true masters.
If you're too lazy to use your enormous potential,
you can hardly blame anyone else for that.
That gives you two apparent choices,
the kind that create a better world for all.
Either begin using five or fifteen minutes every single day,
never ever stopping, bringing out whatever it is that you do best of all,
or hang up your bootstrings and be a mooch that we do not have to feel sympathy for.
What you know has so very little meaning to any of us, right up to the moment you use it fully.
What you do speaks so loudly we would rather not hear much of anything that you might think of saying.
You've been lied to, child, whatever your age. Forget this nonsense about months and years of working at something.
You have over ten thousand separate opportunities to deliver excellence - each and every week of your so-far underproductive life.
Your foolishness in calling them "minutes" is hereby and forevermore forgiven... provided you let go of that foolish, wasteful concept.
You have ten thousand separate opportunities to shine. If you watch more than an occasional sports game, you are urinating on life.
If you are engaged in ANY activity related to watching other people earn even more each day than you do in a year, there is truth;
then there's no visible viable possibility of your achieving success in life until you live more of your life for you and your passion.
Suicide may begin to sound like a good idea... unless you choose to get up off your keister and get busy, every day of your life.
One of the nice features of your ten thousand opportunities is that, whatever you do with them, they occur again next week.
Doing this each day may not be you. If that's not you; fine. What about a thousand minutes per week, a month, or a year?
The only secret is in treating every one of those thousand minutes as if the world is watching you give your best effort.
You get to choose to engage in those thousand minutes of excellence in a day, a week, a month, a year, or more.
You don't need to know anything else to get ridiculously rich, again, by any definition of "rich" you invoke.
For some reason, no one ever told you that, if you're "lucky," you'll earn 2,000 paychecks in your life.
For some reason, no one's explained to you that every dollar you spend at Starbucks is a hundred.
In many cases, far more than a hundred future dollars you literally steal from yourself, daily.
The Great Success Lifebook does not advocate living a life of utter denial; far from it.
The Great Success Lifebook advocates multiplying your dollars into hundreds.
It's the only mathematical formula that a tragically retarded person needs.
Every buck you invest in yourself rather than spend on yourself multiplies.
It does not merely grow.  That dollar multiplies, so now you have a choice.
Spend money on yourself or invest your money into yourself, your future.
Every one of those extra hundreds tastes far more delicious than coffee.


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The Utility of Utile Shortcuts

Great Success Lifebook PowerGems Entry Page 22 - Utile Great Success Lifebook
Everything in your life gets better as you use shortcuts, not least because they're multi-level.
Comprehensively utile shortcuts means that they are useful in the fullest range of your activities.
Your use of utile shortcuts provides you with benefits in areas you might hardly expect.
Reach for more within yourself today, even in this hour, using more utile shortcuts.
Pretend you are giving advice to a young child who greatly admires your opinion.
You will instantly realize that you have more utile answers than you'd thought.
There is a giant inside of you, awaiting not much more than your command.

Ultimately, YOU are the Great Success Lifebook, as powerful as you are.

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Self-empowerment proves to be the best and fastest route to achieving success.
Successful shortcuts accelerate the process - they are the trial and error of pioneers.
Vastly reduce your own trial-and-error process by learning from the successes of others.
Every human task has PowerGems, the universal success shortcuts that always work.
Asking more people more times each for what you want is the great secret of wealth.
Water, oil, fiber, good bacteria, and sea salt are the great secrets of long health.
When you knock out the major PowerGems in the pursuit of your success,
you will find everything else becomes easier to focus your ideas upon.
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