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How do we achieve faster success??

Listening to masters, millionaires, those who live longer stronger!

          Genius recognizes talent                                                                 while mediocrity cannot see beyond itself                                                                                                        Dream.                          Dream and persist.

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Welcome to the Great Success Lifebook...
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Welcome to the Great Success Lifebook of Winners, from Winners Shortcuts to Success.
With millions and millions of unique web pages pages on 1,089± websites, you can say you've been to the Great Success Lifebook
biggest empowerment resource Ever Created
... all for you, in pursuit of YOUR personal and professional best.    Free for your life.
This is the Great Success Lifebook of Winners, Champions and Billionaires

from personally interviewing and/or breaking bread with 5,200 self-made masters, millionaires, those who live longer stronger.
Hence, the name,

Great Success Lifebook of Winners.

Those who do it better know it better. That's your first shortcut: instead of YOUR trial and error, learn from other people's mistakes and successes.

Be wise in remembering the speed of time.
Invest a bit of thought into realizing the irreplaceable time that you save in acquiring the cookie recipe from someone who bakes really wonderful cookies rather than do it by guesswork, trial and error.
The Great Success Lifebook directly asks you, "Is this true, or not?"

Use the powerful shortcut of finding someone doing it better, and another person doing it better,
a true Great Success Lifebook master or millionaire, champion or billionaire.
THEIR methods are shortcuts for all of us to make use of. Shortcuts make a huge difference in our lives,
so you're encouraged to make use of these Winners websites, more than a thousand of them,
which required a personal investment of some seventy thousand minutes beyond the one million minute mark.

You read that correctly.

More than ten years of making use of sixteen and more hours per day to build 1,089 developed websites filled with the greatest,
most powerfully effective shortcuts of masters, millionaires, those who live longer stronger.

All for you to get healthier and wealthier
then feed hungry children with some of your extra profit.

Fair enough?

When we search for the most effective shortcuts, who else should we go to if not those who use them to great success?
When we see a pattern of highly accelerated success only foolishness can prevent us from availing ourselves
of the multiple benefits to be found within these PowerGems; powerful gems of wisdom and acceleration.
these best of the best shortcuts to success repeatedly used by those we refer to as our role models.

Make more of your today.   It's actually the only one you have.
Reach.       Strive.
Speak less.
Do more.

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Chocolate EyeCandy is why we have arrived, peeking, glimpsing, how chocolate makes us thrive,
chocolate eyecandy from chocolate eyecandy, and how we pursue websites that look dandy.
Chocolate eyecandy from the Great Success Lifebook always has more than one purpose.
When you click through the chocolate eyecandy, or above-below chocolate eyecandy,
you are bound to find the PowerGems strewn about the Great Success Lifebook.
These PowerGems are the master secrets of the universe, that always work.
As always, your opinions are 100 percent worthless prior to knowledge,
and, more important than knowledge, a string of winning experience.
Without the winning experience, why should we honor your opinion?
Better to try the Chocolate EyeCandy route, first, THEN speak.
The Great Success Lifebook and Better Health Zen Route of Life welcome you,
to the most chocolate eyecandy capital of all chocolate eyecandy capitals.
You cannot learn less about anything, right? So, learn more, so you can live more.
Both the Great Success Lifebook and Better Health Zen Route of Life are imitations of masters,
the masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, & humans living stronger for longer.

Once you absorb the basics of the Great Success Lifebook and Better Health Zen Route of Life, practice begins.
Once you develop skills in YOUR Great Success Lifebook and Better Health Zen Route of Life, you are set to go.
The Better Health Zen Route of Life and Great Success Lifebook welcome you into the Chocolate EyeCandy Capital.

In at least these first decades of there being a public and working internet,
for the Great Success Lifebook and Better Health Zen Route of Life to grow so huge,
it appears that the Great Success Lifebook working box of chocolate on this page,
beyond what seems possible, is the first and still only working box of chocolate online.
WHY no one else has created this working box of chocolate before MisterShortcut did,
well, that's anyone's guess, including yours, as long as it's a chocolate shortcut type.
All the working boxes of chocolate online, as of this writing, are by MisterShortcut.
Kindly remember this portion of YOUR Great Success Lifebook core principle:
Putting a deadline on a dream is the magical step to converting it to a goal.
A goal is NOT much more than a dream with a deadline placed upon it.
What are YOUR greatest dreams & goals? Are they worth writing?
If so, less talk, and more action, please, even in this minute.
Live YOUR Great Success Lifebook, with written goals,
and the underlying hunger that drives all big action.
Dive into YOUR working box of chocolates,
the first working box of chocolate online

At risk of seeming unnecessarily redundant, despite assurances that there is great purpose taking place within these inscriptions,
the Better Health Zen Route of Life and Great Success Lifebook welcome YOU to the first working box of chocolate online.

Fill YOUR today with chocolate shortcuts, and your own perception of your own Great Success Lifebook.
Support your health with air, water, never-heated oil, air-dried sea salt, fiber (bulk), and probiotics.
THESE are the six most vital foods we can put into our bodies for thriving health & longevity,
THESE are master secrets at the core of your own Better Health Zen Route of Life. Live happier, by intent.